Fathers Day Table Setting Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to put away the florals and pinks and exchange it for anything and everything masculine. While at first that may seem like the impossible task, but there are actually several fun and clever ideas that make decorating for Fathers Day easier than you think.

Most Dads enjoy a beer or two especially on Fathers Day. So What Dad wouldnt love these bow tied beer bottles? You can even add them to wine or soft drink bottles. Why not have the kids help you paint the bow tie pasta and glue them to the glass

Many Dads claim to be golfing extraordinaires. If your Dad falls into this category, then add a bit of golfing fun to his day and cover your table in a faux turf runner (which can be picked up from your local Bunnings store) and add in some golf balls and tees. You get bonus points if you set up your own course in the backyard for everyone to enjoy after dessert.

A sentimental idea is to utilise old photos of Dad as name cards and then create a a fun edible centerpiece filled with all things your Dad might love like including cheese, chocolate and whisky!

If your Dad is a wine buff, why not use a cork to tie your napkin? Simple but effective!

This is a great idea if you’re hosting a large crowd on Father’s Day or a casual outdoor BBQ. Its as simple as tying some ribbon or string around a napkin. Don’t be afraid to go one step farther and put mustaches on all your cups.

Camping seems to be on the top of the activity list for many Dads. Have a fun at home camping expereince and break out all your best camping recipes and create a smokey spread on a fleece blanket. To increase the fun ratings and add to the experince, have a tent pitched in the backyard with a few blankets for a quiet afternoon siesta.

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