Party Mamma's Top 10 Hairy Halloween Ideas

Entertaining this Halloween? Then here's some tips to haunt your house this Halloween to give your guests a fright

Spooky Spiders

Mini Pumpkins can make for a great Halloween spider. Simply add some black pipecleaner for the legs and use some bobbly eyes. You could even use some beans with a black dot painted as the pupil and there you have it.. your spooky spider!!

What you need

-Mini Pumpkins

-Black pipecleaners

-Bobby eyes


Eye am watching you!

Add some bobbly eyes in a variety of sizes to your everyday furniture. Create that spooky feeling like your being watched.

What you need

-Bobbly eyes

The Wreath That See's

Start by painting a whole heap of foam balls bright green and coating the foam wreath in black paint. Once they have dried dip toothpicks into glue on each end, and stick into the wreath form. Attach the foam balls to the wreath on the other end of the toothpick. Arrange the foam balls in a variety of ways to achieve the perfect clustered look. Finish by adding a googly eye to each ball for an extra dose of fright.

What you need

-Foam Balls

-Foam Wreath

-Green & Black Paint



-Bobbly Eyes

Ghastly Ghosts

Assemble a white paper lantern, then drape a white sheet or piece of fabric over the top. Cut a slit in the top of the fabric to allow the lantern's metal hanging hook to pop through. Tie a piece of string or twine to the hook for hanging ghost. Trim fabric as needed along the bottom to create ghost shape.

Cut three oval shapes from a piece of black felt or foam to use as the eyes and mouth. Attach them with hot glue or fabric glue then hang your ghost from a low tree

What you need

-White paper lantern

-White sheet

-Black felt


-Hot Glue Gun

Bleeding Candles

To begin place your pillar candle onto the greaseproof paper. Light your red candles and let the wax melt. When the wax has melted, blow out the candle and pour the melted red wax over the white pillar candle. Continue this process until the candle has achieved your desired look of spooky gruesome.

What you need

-White pillar candles

-Red pillar candles

Torched Tree's

Grab some artificial plants, some black spray paint and paint away. A fun addition to your front verandah. if your like me and have trouble keeping those outdoor plants alive, then this is a no brainer.

What you need

- A selection of artificial plants

-Black Spray paint

Creepy Cocktails

Grab yourself some plastic spiders from your local dollar shop, divide them up into ice trays. Then fill with water or an alcoholic beverage of your choice

What you need

-Plastic Spiders

-Ice Cube Trays

A Graveyard Grazing table

Freak out your dinner guests with this Grazing table styled around a skeleton. Grab a skeleton prop from your local Halloween stockist, find a nice grazing board and fill it with your favourite, cheese, crackers and cold meats

What you need

- A plastic skeleton

-A grazing board

-Your favourite grazing board foods

Pumpkin Punchbowl

Have one less dish to worry about cleaning after your Halloween party and carve out a pumpkin and fill it with your favourite fruit punch or cocktail.

What you need

- A Pumpkin

-The ingredients to your favourite drink

Bloody Band-Aids

Do you have friends that cant stand the sight of blood? Why not freak them out with these bloody band-aids. Grab yourself some wafer sticks, spread the top with vanilla frosting then add a dollop of strawberry jam, its as easy as that!

What you need

- Vanilla Wafer Sticks

-Vanilla Frosting

-Strawberry Jam

So there's a list of Party Mamma's top 10 Halloween entertaining ideas, would love to see what you have planned for you Halloween.

Happy Haunting!!

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